Are you consistently being inconsistent?

I was talking with my husband the other day about disciplining our children and we realized that we had some inconsistencies with our instructions and discipline for our children. Once we realized this, we immediately put a system in place to correct this and prevent it from happening again. This made me start thinking about this in regards to business. I talk to people on a regular basis about being consistent and putting systems in place, and yet here I was being all inconsistent with no system in place!

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As a training advisor with Reets Drying Academy, part of my role is to help put systems into place and help companies CONSISTENTLY perform. BUT admittedly, I am one of the most chaotic people on the planet! So how do I perform and function? Well, sometimes I don’t! I forget things and overlook tasks I should have remembered and I screw up! What happens in business when I forget to do something? I lose company money! So I have learned that I HAVE TO HAVE A SYSTEM IN PLACE – AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, USE IT. Let me just say that when a system of processes and procedures was given to me by Jeremy and Mellissa I fought kicking and screaming…..real temper tantrum style resistance! Those who know me know exactly how dramatic I can be 😉

I happen to know for sure that I am not the only one that has issues with being consistent; by just talking to certified restorers all over the country I have learned from many of you that this is a problem in general in our industry!

Define consistent: (of a person, behavior, or process) Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.

The problem with inconsistency comes when everyone on the team is doing the same water damage jobs but all performing different services. Not only is this losing you money but it is also building your reputation of being……… yep you guessed it INCONSISTENT!

Tips for being Consistent:

  • Set goals and make sure everyone knows what they are!


Are you sure that your team knows what your goals are? If I were to walk in to your office today and walk up to any of your employees, would they be able to tell me what your focus is as a company? Would any of their answers be the same? Can everyone on your team tell me what your values and core beliefs are as a company? Do your technicians follow your code of ethics?

Does your staff feel like they have resources available to them when they need to help or information?

  • Take Action by putting a system in place!


Putting systems in place and making sure that your people know these processes can be challenging……..unless you can get your hands on a system that has already been written for you!

(wink winkIICRC Certification Courses ….cough coughIICRC Certification Courses )

Reets.TV can Systematize your business

  • Clear systems, that can easily be adjusted to your needs and put into place.
  • Simple instruction broken down so everyone understands expectations.
  • Easily duplicable processes.
  • Get the highest profit margin on all of your jobs.
  • Build confidence.
  • Build your reputation.
  • Consistent Execution of Knowledge.

Okay Ad Over!

But you get my point, you have to have a system in place that your people can refer back to when they have a question. You cannot just hire someone, send them off to take IICRC certification courses (Reets Dry Academy offers the worlds fastest drying classes!) and then send them out into the field and expect them to make you the MOST money possible on every job without having a system of PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES in place!

  • Hold EVERYONE accountable!

IICRC Training Courses


Does everyone on your team feel like you are holding them accountable?

Have you ever heard anyone on your team say “ No one ever told me that” or “That’s not how Jack showed me how to do it” how about the old “Well John doesn’t do that, why should I?”   When you hear these things you automatically know that team member just cost you money because they didn’t do a service and now you can’t charge for it!

Use Average Dollar Sale worksheets to track the performance of your technicians and reward and correct based on performance.

And Always remember these words of wisdom….Consistency is only a virtue if you are not a screw up


Contributed by:

Meredith Truitt


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