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2 Ways to Grow Your Business Instantly

We had Bill Holz come in to our Crawl Space Class last week from Santa Fe – Thermastor and he was kind enough to give us a few tips when it comes to sales with our businesses.

Sales is where it is at. We need those sales coming in daily to help us meet and exceed our goals. Easier said that done right?

There really is only a few ways to do it.

Sales is simply a numbers game. The more people you see the more people you will come in contact with and thus make more sales.

Many businesses spend a lot in advertising that is very costly to you and very time consuming.

2 Ways to Grow Your Business with Little to no Cost to You

  1. Improve Closing Ratio
  2. Sell More to Every Person you See

Simply improving your closing ratio by 3 points going from 30-33% will result in a 10% increase in sales.

Invest in yourself. Learn from free online professional sales training videos and get the most out of the opportunities you are already generating.

Increasing your average sales by 10% will increase your business growth by 10% and with ZERO additional fixed expense.

This can be achieved by offering premium products and packages to your customers. Another way is making sure you have the ability to offer financing. Offering financing to your customers in a painless, easy way, will enable them an easier choice to say YES! to the great products you are offering.

Watch the video here!