3 Reasons You Should Be Offering Crawl Space Encapsulation


Crawlspace Encapsulation is Taking the Restoration Industry by Storm  


Restorers are finding that there is a major need for moisture control in crawl spaces and not many companies are providing quality solutions.

Most of the contractors currently in the field are not experienced in moisture control and it shows.  This places moisture control experts, like restorers, in a prime position to grab this market.

The major problem is that there has been a lot of misinformation presented regarding crawl space encapsulation.  There have also been no training courses in encapsulation.  If you wanted to get into the business you really had to guess at what to do.  Not anymore.

Here are 3 reason you should start offering crawl space encapsulation immediately:

Panorama Basement or crawl space with upper floor insulation and wooden support beams

You are already an expert in humidity management


Restoration contractors know more about humidity management than any other contractor industry.  Humidity control is what we do!  Applying that experience to crawl spaces makes tons of sense.  You just need to learn the process of crawl space encapsulation.


You are already remediating mold and water damage in the crawl spaces we are talking about


Crawl space encapsulation is desperately needed wherever there are crawl spaces. Why wait for a water restoration project to put your techs to work?  Even better, crawl space encapsulation can be scheduled around emergency work.  That means instead of paying techs to wash the trucks again, and polish the air movers one more time, you can put them into a revenue generating project between emergency work.


There is now a two day hands on course to teach you everything you need to know to be a crawl space encapsulation expert


No need to watch the hilariously inaccurate internet videos.  No need to purchase an expensive franchise system.  You can learn processes you can trust.  These have been developed through a collaborative effort between restoration experts, building science gurus, the largest crawl space research organization in the world and the number one manufacturer of humidity control for crawl spaces.  And you can learn encapsulation at Reets Drying Academy, the most trusted name in restoration education.  And crawl space encapsulation.


Bonus: It is highly profitable!  


The average project is in excess of $5000. That plus high profit margins make this a great diversification.

The window of opportunity to take advantage of this new service in your area is open.  Other contractors are jumping into crawl space encapsulation.  How long can you afford to wait?


Get certified to do crawlspace encapuslation at Reets Drying Academy!



Jeremy Reets

Jeremy Reets started in water restoration in 1990. He is known as the innovator of the TES/ETES drying systems and a discipline of drying called Directed Heat Drying™. He developed the Evaporation Potential formula for use by restorers. He opened Reets Drying Academy and flood house in 2005 to provide water damage restoration education. In 2011, Jeremy developed Reets.TV, a series of online water restoration training packages.


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