August Xactimate Price List Changes


This month, 2 changes were made to the Xactimate prices list that you will want to note:


WTRCABLDS and WTRCABLDSA. (Can you guess what these line items are just based on the Xact code? If you need help learning how to speak the “language of line items”, check out our Estimating and Negotiating Class!)

These line items represent Cabinets (CAB), Lower (L), Detach (D), with Shoring (S). If you add the A, you will get an after hours charge.  You’ll notice in this case, Xactware’s language is a bit like English…. Make up the rules as you go! (There, their, they’re, am I right?!?) Normally, adding an “S” in the WRT category will change a line item to a Category 3 labor burden. Not in this case. Let’s talk about the line item for a few moments.


What are these WTRCABLDS and WTRCABLDSA line items?


No doubt, you’ve seen examples of a contractor that pulls cabinets but does not want to move the countertops into a garage or off-site. What other options are there? Now, a contractor can brace the countertops with 2×4’s while removing the cabinets and make full bracing that will hold up the countertops that will stay in place for the duration of the drying project. Below is an example of what it looks like:



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By doing it this way, you certainly can reduce your liability in removing countertops. You can remove even more liability by just letting the homeowner know the countertops need to be removed. Then, tell them to find a contractor. You can assist them in this by guiding them to a contractor. Not a subcontractor!

Another option, is to point them back to their adjuster to find a local contractor. Meanwhile, you should stabilize the environment as much as possible by installing the proper dehumidification and air filtration. If you choose to remove countertops and shore them up, this is the line item to use instead of labor hours.


How will this line item affect my estimate?


Locally, the line item is priced at $22.77/LF*. This pricing includes detaching the cabinets, as well as, material and labor to install the shoring underneath the countertops.

What is the pricing difference? To tear out a cabinet (WTRCABLOW), meaning remove and dispose of, is priced at $7/ LF. To detach a cabinet and place somewhere onsite to be reset later (WTRCABLWD) is priced at $15.21/ LF. That’s a difference of $5.56/LF.

So, on a bank of cabinets that is 20 linear feet, your pricing will go from $305.60 to $455.40.

Will that cover your labor burden? For many, the contractors, they have been using labor hours to cover this cost. If you are just cutting 2×4’s and plugging them underneath for support, then maybe so. But we learn something by looking at the components of this line item. On 20 LF of cabinets, this line item is allowing 11 LF of 2×4. From this, we can assume this is for a simple shoring up. If you are using additional labor and material to build a more complex system, you may need to review the assumption, make needed changes or add additional labor and material.

What do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down on this method and new line item?


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Written by: Nick Sharp

Nick Sharp has worked with Jeremy Reets for over a decade now. He started in carpet cleaning and mitigation before moving to the construction side as a project manager. He then was the senior estimator for Champion Construction for over 8 years. Since its inception in 2015, Nick has been an instructor of our Restoration Estimating & Negotiating course. His most recent venture is as a restoration estimate consultant. Nick is an Xactware Certified Trainer and is also has his Level 3 Certifications in Xact 28 and X1. He’s a bad boy on that sketch but better at finding lost money!


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