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Benefits of Training your Staff Daily

There was a quote read the other day saying that mediocre companies train every once in awhile and great companies train everyday.

It is a very simple concept but when applied can make a world of difference. With just 15 minutes of training a day you can have a world class organization. Who doesn’t want that?

Improving your organization in as little as 15 minutes a day, it doesn’t get much easier than that.  Think about how much training you would be investing in your staff using only a small fraction of time.

Changing your team’s focus for the day could be golden. Make sure you are spending your time wisely and incorporating training into your everyday routine making everyone’s focus shift for the better.

When putting this training schedule together make sure you are adding your own content, adding your policies, and even your safety training. Encompassing a training schedule that focuses on all aspect of your business is key. Making sure you are not leaving out your customer service training, technical training, and safety training are very important.

Imagine if your technicians did not have basic customer service training. Your technicians are out in the field daily interacting with your customers, don’t leave out important skills and tools that can make all the difference with your customers. Using an all around training program will sky rocket your team to world class!

When deciding on a training system for your business, find one that works for you. Does it include all of those key training aspects? Does it include safety procedures? What about your business policies? Putting all of those things in one place allows you the ability of holding your technicians accountable when making big mistakes on the job. You know they have been trained on those basic principles because you put the training schedule together. Checks and balances all around.

The best part about this is you can put it into effect right away and be operating at world class level in no time…..or maybe we should say in as little as 15 minutes a day! Why wait. Start your team on their road to success. Your team will be all on the same page using all these new skills you are introducing to them daily.


Watch Jeremy explain it here.