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For nearly three decades Bill Holz has been both a student and teacher of the in-home sales process. His vast experience in the niche that is known as “direct to the consumer” or “in-home sales” are what sets him apart from most sales trainers.  For the past 30 years Bill has been involved in, in home sales, sales training, and direct to consumer marketing.  Bill doesn’t talk theory, he lives this art, and will challenge you to make very specific changes to ways in which you interact with today’s consumers.
Bill has led and trained sales teams as large as 125 sales reps and 18 sales managers. He has “walked in your shoes” and prides himself on being an in-home sales professional.  Bill still enjoys running leads with his students and has been known to jump in the car after a class to show his students how his process works in the real world.  He has firsthand experience winning in both large urban and small rural markets.  Bill understands the challenges that make in-home sales so different than B2B sales.  His passionate and energetic style will keep you engaged.

Bill has had the privilege of working in the field with some of the best in home sales people in North America.  His time in the field and his studies have given him the experience and knowledge required to create his proven “7 Step” selling process.  Bill’s system teaches you how to be respectful of today’s consumers time, while still hitting on the point.

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