A fire damage project will most likely be one of the most dangerous job sites you will go on. We want to make you aware of these issues not to scare, but to make sure you are doing your job safely. After you take all the precautions necessary, we also want you to get paid. Find some suggestions in The Reets Blog.

Announcing the Restoration Safety and Health Management System!

As many of you already know, in the past year we’ve been working on a new film studio. Previous Next As that was being built, we were cooking up some great content and training for

If you are looking to get into fire damage restoration, getting an IICRC FSRT certification is a great place to start. What does IICRC FSRT stand for? With regards to IICRC certification, FSRT stands for

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Hello, everyone. This is David Hodge with another quick tip from Reets Drying Academy. Listen, like many of you, I’ve been involved in the remediation industry for many years, as well as I was a

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  What Is A PIC Hazard?     Hey, everyone. This is David Hodge with another Quick Tip with Reets Drying Academy. Listen, if you’re going to be working on fire damage projects, always remember

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  “We’re not going to pay you for PPE because that’s the cost of doing business?”   Has anyone ever said that to you? Is that really true? What does “the cost of doing business”

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  Did you know that your technicians have something in common with a mitigation truck?   Follow me on this one. Let’s say you purchase a mitigation truck. Why do you purchase that mitigation truck? You

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Check out the next video in the series “Because You Don’t Have to Train!”    

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