If you go to enough water damages, you will be exposed to microbial growth. We collected some valuable information for your techs, management and estimators and put it here on The Reets Blog. Enjoy!

What Is An IICRC AMRT Certification?

  What is an IICRC AMRT Certification   When doing water restoration, you will come into contact with microbial/mold growth. Depending on where you live, you probably come across it possibly daily. What certification is

  “We’re not going to pay you for PPE because that’s the cost of doing business?”   Has anyone ever said that to you? Is that really true? What does “the cost of doing business”

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  Did you know that your technicians have something in common with a mitigation truck?   Follow me on this one. Let’s say you purchase a mitigation truck. Why do you purchase that mitigation truck? You

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  What happens when you find mold?   Day in and day out, restorers like you are dealing with wet and sometimes moldy environments. In water restoration, you will come across mold.      Many

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The best solution is to just remediate mold immediately but sometimes that is not practical, but not taking proper precautions can create cross-contamination. So what should I do when I find a small area of mold

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