This is what we do as an industry… take care of water. This part of the blog is here to help with practical drying suggestions. As a contractor, you need to know your craft. Allow us to help you.

Are You Closing Your Claims Faster With EP?

You can make a significant difference when dealing with adjusters if you use Evaporation Potential (EP). Preparing properly or a job may save you from losing hundreds of dollars or even save a relationship with

You should use a Botanical Antimicrobial on EVERY single water damage job and to all the wet areas. Why aren’t you using them? Do you have concerns about safety or the effectiveness? Let’s address these

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Nothing like the smell of a wet crawlspace.  Which part do you like best?  The possible mold? The dead animals?  Better yet, excrement from those animals?  A little bit of sewage?  You get to get

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One of the most common questions I hear from restorers is “How can I learn more about hardwood floor drying?”  This is due to three main factors: Insurance companies are asking for restorers that can

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