Check Out Our NEW Website!

Reets Drying Academy is introducing a NEW website. We have taken the old one and looked for a more streamline, easier to navigate, and eye catching!


We are hoping these changes we have made will help you to find those products you are looking for, fast and conveniently.

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Some of the new features include a video gallery section. Watch all of your favorite quick tips and testimonials from people just like you.

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Product pages are easy to read, visual, and includes a video.

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Full list of all of the features of our online training.

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Finding the Class and the Date has never been easier!

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Here is just a few examples of our new website! Check it out for yourself! AND of course Thanks! for reading our blogs!

We want to give a big shout out to Spot on Solutions for building our AMAZING website! Do you need one? Don’t miss out. Spot on Solutions specializes in websites and so marketing. Difference between these guys is they are doing the work! They own their own restoration business and know the ins and outs of keywords, what people are searching, and what the customers are looking for! What a unique experience!

Check out Spot On Solutions HERE

www.Reets DryingAcademy.com



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