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Check your Checklist

Is your staff leaving money on the table?

The more highly your trained your staff is, the higher your Average Dollar Sale is. Making sure everyone on your staff has the proper amount of training is very important. You could be leaving money on the table solely based on lack of training with your technicians.

Which of the following subjects do you consider ALL of your staff experts in?

Each of these items on the checklist is directly related to your Average Dollar Sale. Let’s say if you have about 200 losses per year it would average to about 4 days on any given job that your technician may be using not enough air movers. If this was the case your company could be out about $24,000. Do you have $24,000 to spare or to throw away? I think not.
How many unchecked items do you have from the chart above?
EVERYONE must be involved in continuing their education to insure no money is left on the table and you are getting paid for all of the work you are doing.
When preparing a water damage scope, it is important that you follow IICRC S500 Standards. Not only can the Standards insure that you’re offering a service that is appropriate and completes, it helps you to justify the services you are billing for.
Whatever it is you are training your staff for make sure it counts. Get everyone on the same page while making sure all of the essentials are covered and no money is getting left on the table! It definitely takes effort on your part but it is for sure worth it.