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Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Reets Drying Academy But Were Too Afraid to Ask

How qualified are the instructors?

In short, EXTREMELY.  Check ’em, out!

Jeremy Reets  is the founder of Reets Drying Academy. He is the innovator of the TES/ETES drying systems, the innovator a discipline of drying called Directed Heat Drying™, developer of the Evaporation Potential formula for use by restorers. He is recognized by the IICRC as Master Water Restorer, Master Textile Cleaner, and Master Fire and Smoke Restorer.  
Joe Dobbins has been teaching for nearly 30 years, was named 2013 IICRC Instructor of the Year, and previously owned a full service restoration company for 25 years. He also spent two years as an adjuster for a major carrier.
Nick Sharp has worked with Jeremy Reets for over a decade. He first began in carpet cleaning and mitigation, became a construction project manager, and soon after became the senior estimator for Champion Construction for over 8 years. 

flood house
flood house interior

What does the flood house look like?

We’ve purposefully made sure to make our flood house look very much like a regular house with tile, hardwood flooring, and carpet. We want this to feel like a real world drying experience.

staff photo

Do you guys actually work? Or just have fun all the time?

Both! Sure, sometimes we hold dessert contests for students to taste and vote on and occasionally Jeremy’s son brings a hover board into the office for all to enjoy, but first and foremost we put a lot of thought, effort, and work into making Reets Drying Academy a place of success and education. We just believe in balance. It’s been said, “If you can laugh together, you can work together.”

What kind of food is served? And what if I have allergies/special diet? 

Here at Reets Drying Academy, we believe in good food. That’s why we provide hot lunches every day when you come to class. Often we have Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden, Chipotle, fried catfish, Willy’s Mexican, and so much more! If you have any dietary restrictions, please give us a call before class and we will make sure to have food options to accommodate your needs!

Why get IICRC Certified?

The IICRC establishes the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and mold remediation. An IICRC certification is widely recognized within the community and industry. It indicates an advanced level of understanding and a professional level of practice in cleaning and restoration. Thus, making sure that your technicians are IICRC certified protects and benefits both parties involved.

How hard are the tests?

We want all of our students to pass. An hour before each test, the instructors review the learned material with the students. The tests are about 150 multiple choice questions and it’s very rare for students to fail. 

Do people really come from all over to attend your classes?

Yes! Our world class training often has attendees from California, Nevada, Idaho, New York, Australia, Canada, Alaska, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, and many other states.

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