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Facebook for Your Business

There are a lot of different opinions on Facebook for business. Is it effective? The answer is yes. Your target market is on Facebook and probably right now, scrolling through their newsfeed and connecting with new people and businesses around the world.

More than 1.09 billion people login to Facebook everyday! Business owners everywhere have jumped on this. This is where your customers are at. Why not meet them half way and bring them to your website from there.

You created a business page and now what?? Well its only just beginning. Making sure you have all of the correct, updated information in there with your phone number clearly seen. Remember when you are posting your “friends” will only see that profile picture very tiny! Make your phone number very prominent and easily read by your customers. Another very important aspect is sending customers back to your website. Can they find that information easy? Does it link them right to your website? Google loves traffic coming to your website. Your goal isn’t to get people on your website and leave to go to Facebook you want to find them on Facebook and bring them to your website! When customers leave your site for Facebook or even youtube they tend to get distracted by the cut puppy video and then they are off and forget about the services you offer.

Five new profiles are made every second and people tend to be on Facebook more on Thursday and Fridays. They are ready for the weekend, in a good mood, looking for things to do and maybe things they need. This is your opportunity. Facebook has ads you can purchase and target toward your specific market. Adding in common interests your customers might be searching and zip codes you service. Remember though your customers appreciate information as well. Reminding them maybe the reasons for your service or preparing for disaster tips. Teaching your customers is as important as selling to your customers. They want to see your company as relatable and knowledgable in your field. The more you give them reason to trust them the more they will want to use you going forward.

Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram combined. Can you afford to sit out?