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Free ReetsTV Video – Avoid Plumbing Pitfalls

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As water damage professional, we make a living off of the fact plumbing stuff breaks, that plumbing fixtures leak, and plumbing connections fail. So we are use to that. The problem is when we are in those jobs we have to often disconnect and reconnect water connections and sometimes you may find yourself to be the cause of a water damage. Maybe you hooked something up and when you left it was fine, but then the leak started.

In this video Jeremy shows you some of the most common reasons you may be the cause of the next water damage. He will show you how to prevent common plumbing pitfalls while explaining easy fixes, as well as, some items that may be handy keeping on your truck at all times.

Some examples are:

  • Ice Maker Line
  • Sink Supply Line
  • Washing Machine Hose
  • Fittings


Things that seem so simple can cause so many problems. Fittings that might not be threaded properly, ice maker line not hooked up properly, old washing machine hose, etc.

As a water damage professional you are there to clean up not create a water damages. When you do, the whole project goes bad. It is costly from a reputation and customer service standpoint as well. You definitely want to take all precautions that you can to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

If you have any doubts when taking something apart or maybe even the quality of the product there, call a professional. It is the safest way to handle and if documented correctly can be submitted to the insurance adjuster.

Always make sure as you check things for leaks. Leave the area and come back and check. Is there any moisture or leaks?

Making sure you are remembered for fixing their problem is key!

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