Get Amazing Testimonials: Part 3

testimonial tipsIf you have been reading this series from the beginning then you already know some great tips on how to get some amazing testimonials. In this week’s installment we are covering two great testimonial tips!

Week Three Testimonial Tips: Get Permission & Be Prepared

Getting permission is a huge step you don’t want to skip when asking for testimonials. Make sure you get your client’s permission to use their testimonial. Make sure that you have spelled their name and title correctly. If you don’t have a dedicated place to show off your testimonials at the moment you should store it with a date and details for later use.
If you fail to ask permission for a client’s testimonial they may complain that you are using them without asking. It is rare that this will ever happened but it is best to be prepared.
Speaking of being prepared, it will make it so much easier on you and your client if you have a few questions ready for them when you ask them to share their story. Not only will this give your clients some direction, it will also help you get the best material to build a strong testimonial.

Some great starting questions:

  • What kind of problem were you experiencing before you used our product/service?
  • What reassured you to work with us?
  • What was it like to work with us?
  • How do you feel about the results? (CRITICAL. Details are important. Find out how the problem they initially had was resolved and how this made them feel.)

That is it for the third installment of this series. Next week we will be covering the final tips in the series! Stay tuned!

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