Get Amazing Testimonials: Part 4

water damage certification courses Jumping right into the final installment of our “Get Amazing Testimonials Series,” we will teaching you about the importance of editing testimonials and saying thank you.

Week Four Testimonial Tips: Edit & Say Thank You

If you are utilizing a direct quote or a video and you have already received permission (last week’s tips) you can skip this step and move on. If you are using a feedback form or took notes then you still have a chance to spice up a client’s testimonial. Keep in mind that if you are going to spice up a testimonial it is best to ask the client first. They may read what you have wrote and disagree with your embellishments.

The quickest way to get the approval you need is via email. You can email them something like this:

Hello [Name],

Thank you for taking the extra time to share your story wand give us feedback on our services.

Your feedback was so great that I would like to use what you wrote as a testimonial on our website (printed material, etc.) – would you mind if I did this?

Here is how I would like to quote you:

[Place their testimonial here][Name][City, State, Country, Website, Title, etc.]

If at any stage you want to “withdraw” your testimonial, just let us know and we will take it off all of our marketing materials, with the exception of printed materials.

Please, let me know if it is okay to use this in our marketing materials.

Thank you again for your wonderful feedback. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed our services.

Best Regards,

[Your Signature, Title, Company]

Once you receive a response with approval, you are free to use the testimonial to excite your new prospects.

Say Thank You. Not just once but twice.  Before you ask for a testimonial you need to thank your customer for being an important client.  You can put this however you would like. Make your clients feel important. Your clients are the reason you are in business and thanking them will encourage them to agree to help you out and share their thoughts about your company. Once they have given you their testimonial thank them again. You can even go as far as to thank them with a card or a gift. Make them feel appreciated.

This concludes our  “Get Amazing Testimonials Series.” Now get out there and start collecting those amazing testimonials! The “Get Amazing Testimonials Series,” was brought to you by Reets Drying Academy the best water damage cleanup professional trainers online!



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