Getting Started With Marketing


Water damage marketingThe question on every business owners mind is, how do I generate more business? The answer marketing. What is marketing? By definition, marketing is the action of business of promoting and selling products or services. That is exactly what we are wanting to do. The next step…. you need to find out who to market to. Who is your target market? This is where market analysis will come in. We need to find that low hanging fruit that others in your line of work are missing.

Plumbers* Insurance Agents* Adjustors* Property Management* Schools* ETC.

Make a list of the people in your area that would be possibilities. Think outside the box. Who would be a great person who has connections with a lot of commercial real estate? Maybe a property management company or even an apartment complex, or even plumbers. Then what happens if you went to all the plumbers in your area and you found that they are already working with other restoration companies, what do we do next? You need to prioritize. When you are going through the list put them in a specific order relevant to your area. Who plays a large role in your community? The list can be weighty but when encountering a problem such as all the plumbers are taken, then try the insurance agents, and then if they are taken we try the adjustors, etc.

There is many possibilities in how you can go about this or where to start. Make it your goal to find out which category hasn’t been marketed to and stop focusing on the ones that have. Now that we know what marketing is and where to start with your analysis, you may have found some key issues. Maybe everyone already has people they send leads to. How do you change their minds and make them want to help you instead? Coming up next week, Marketing Should Change Minds.


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