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New Roofing and Restoration businesses are cropping up every day. Owners are constantly struggling to separate themselves from all the other competitors.


“A great coach never achieves greatness for himself or his team by working to make all his players alike.” Author Unknown.

In any given market – in your community or area of service, there can easily be dozens (even hundreds) of competitors. Being DIFFERENT is one of the most critical areas that enables you to stand out and be thought of as unique and special, and for people to want to do business with you!


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  • “We have a strong or unique or special set of beliefs and values”
  • “We focus on building a strong relationship”
  • “Most of our clients become close friends”
  • “We provide the very best service”
  • “We provide 24/7/365 service”
  • “We are honest and dependable”
  • “We do Fire, Water, Smoke, and Mold”




Not because they aren’t true, but because a dozen or even a hundred other local companies – in your market – say the exact same thing to the point of nausea.

  • Promoting that you have a “strong set of beliefs” isn’t saying “WHAT” those beliefs are. You must explain your values or at least tell them why you are unique.
  • Telling people, you “focus on building a strong relationship” could mean you are going to brainwash them so you can get away with anything.
  • Saying that “most of your clients become close friends” is absurd. When people are looking for a roofer or water damage repair expert, they are NOT looking for friends. In fact, they probably don’t want or need more friends.
  • Bragging that you “provide the best service” – compared to what? Reality has proven you cannot say that about yourself (or your company) because it’s blatant bragging. Nobody likes a braggart. Your clients and customers are the ONLY ones that can say you have the best service!
  • When you claim: “we provide 24/7/365 service” and every other website and promotional materials make the same claim, you are not different. (Yes, it may be true, but it does not motivate someone to call your company when everyone says the same thing).
  • Simply saying “we are honest” is like the car salesman saying, “trust me,” your gut is telling you to run, and run fast.
  • This last one: “We do Fire, Water, Smoke, and Mold” is probably my single biggest irritation. Let’s examine it a little closer… when you say “we do…” how do you “DO” water. What exactly do you “DO” with water? When you boast that you “do” Fire, does that mean you are a pyromaniac?


Man in red suitcoat with crown taking a selfie




Each and every one of these seven bullet points is all about you (or the company that uses them) and essentially pats yourself on the back. Not one of these bullet points tells the consumer that you are indeed unique, special, or expert.  Using these kinds of self-serving phrases just lumps you in with all the rest that say almost the same thing.




Talk about how you make the customer’s life better, safer, more comfortable. Tell them you work to minimize their frustration and interruption. Explain your unique “Ten-point Customer Care Program” (come up with things your company does or can do to make the client the hero). Your company is NOT the hero. The customer must always be the hero for making the right decision to use a truly superb company. Telling them you “help their home recover quickly from a calamity,” is much more credible and believable. Something as simple as a perfectly crafted and spoken “elevator pitch” talking about the clients’ pains will do wonders!


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