Hardwood Floor Drying Tips

One of the most common questions I hear from restorers is “How can I learn more about hardwood floor drying?”  This is due to three main factors:

  • Insurance companies are asking for restorers that can properly dry hardwood floors because only the best restorers understand correct hardwood drying process.
  • Hardwood flooring now makes up a much larger percentage of the flooring in homes than ever before.
  • Drying hardwood flooring is much more challenging yet more profitable than just removing them.

There are two ways to learn the unique processes required to restore hardwood floors:


Here is one of our premium online training modules that shows the step by step process for drying hardwood flooring at no charge.  Click the video above for a one minute preview.  Click here and I will send you the longer video right now at no charge!  Jeremy will show you how to address drying the floor from below and he then continues upstairs giving you a practical demonstration of hardwood floor that you can use today.


Plan a visit to Reets Drying Academy to complete a hands-on course and practice the best methods to assess and dry a hardwood floor along with other materials you will find everyday in the field.  Gain practical knowledge in this unique true-to-life flood house built outdoors used to teach restorers from all over the nation year round.  The following courses cover hardwood floor drying and allow you to practice these techniques in class.

The Clean Trust (IICRC)WRT/ASD Combo Course
(Water Damage Restoration/Applied Structural Drying)

The Clean Trust (IICRC)Applied Structural Drying Course
*Prerequisite WRT

The World’s Fastest Drying System Course
*Exclusive to Reets Drying Academy.  Can be taken alone or in combination with ASD.

Check out the Course Schedule and Reserve Your Seat Today! Class sizes are limited so register early to guarantee your seat. Click on any of the course descriptons on the left for more information and for class schedules.


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