How to Create Consistency Within Your Company

Inconsistency is Bad News in All Scenarios


  • Inconsistent relationships
  • Inconsistent internet connection
  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Inconsistent weather
  • Inconsistent traffic

To these we say:



So if we hate inconsistency in so many aspects of our life, why do we allow it within ourselves? Within our businesses? 

Because being consistent is DIFFICULT.

In the restoration industry, the problem with inconsistency comes when everyone on the team is doing the same water damage jobs but all performing different services. Not only is this losing you money but it is also gaining you the reputation of being……… yep, you guessed it, INCONSISTENT!

So what’s the key to consistency in the restoration industry?


Here are 3 Tips: 


  • Set goals and make sure everyone on the team knows what they are
  • Take action by putting a system in place and USING IT (Reets TV is the perfect system!)
  • Hold everyone accountable


Set goals and make sure everyone on the team knows what they are


  • Does everyone on my team know what the team goals are? 
  • Are there incentives in place to encourage correct practice?
  • Would all of my employees each be able to tell what our focus is as a company?
  • Would any of their answers be the same? 
  • Can everyone on my team be able to tell a customer what our values and core beliefs are as a company? 
  • Do my technicians follow our code of ethics?
  • Does my staff feel like they have resources available to them when they need help or information?
  • Does your staff feel like they have resources available to them when they need to help or information?


Take action by putting a system in place and USING IT!


Putting systems in place and making sure that your people know these processes can be challenging…Unless you can get your hands on a system that has already been written for you AKA Reets TV Training System!


Browse our training library and free content HERE


7 Ways Reets TV Can Systemize Your Business


  • Contains clear systems, that can easily be adjusted to your needs and put into place
  • Provides simple instruction broken down so everyone understands expectations
  • Delivers easily duplicable processes
  • Teaches techniques that result in the highest profit margin on all of your jobs
  • Builds confidence in each technician
  • Builds your company’s reputation
  • Provides a consistent execution of knowledge


Explore the free training and content on Reets TV  here


Hold Everyone Accountable 


Does everyone on your team feel like you are holding them accountable?

Have you ever heard anyone on your team say “ No one ever told me that” or “That’s not how Jack showed me how to do it” how about the old “Well John doesn’t do that, why should I?”  

When you hear these things you automatically know that team member just cost you money because they didn’t do a service and now you can’t charge for it!

Use an Average Dollar Sale worksheet to track the performance of your technicians and reward and correct based on performance.

So, remember, you CAN fight inconsistency! Simply set goals for your team, adopt a tried-and-true system and use it within your company, and hold everyone accountable!

Written By: Mae Fox

Mae has worked in the restoration industry for many years now. She started in accounting and HR. She now works with marketing for Reets Drying Academy and is absolutely rocking it! Mae takes care of our blogging, works with our video department and is in in charge of the email, social media and other message campaigns. 


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