How To Focus On Mitigation Instead Of Drying


In practical application how can you focus on mitigation instead of drying?

Stop thinking how can I dry this building the fastest and start thinking what materials can I dry in place.

Stop always:

  • Cutting drywall
  • Drilling holes in drywall
  • Pulling baseboard

It isn’t always necessary to do this on every single job. Using your mitigation thinking, contemplate if you dry for a few extra days could you:

  • Leave the drywall and baseboard in place?
  • Extract the carpet and pad to leave them in place?
  • Leave cabinets in place?

That’s how you mitigate a loss vs. drying, having to make minimal repairs on each and every job.

If this represents a change for you it might cause you some fear. This is understandable and shows you are a great contractor.

You want your customer to be happy with the services provided. You can do that by getting the customer involved in the decision making process. Present options. I could save drywall but it might take a little longer….whichever you prefer.┬áSteer the customer to the decision that is going to provide the best possible results. This allows them to make that decision and lets them feel connected to it.

It’s a WIN WIN WIN for you, the customer, and the insurance adjuster.