iDry With My iPhone and iPad

Just start the ReetsDryCalc app on your iPhone and then throw it in the water and watch the water disappear. (Results may vary. Reets Drying Systems, LLC. does not support this process. Just to be clear I am totally kidding.) Ok so it’s not that easy, but you can now use your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch to do drying calculations. I love technology and as soon as I got my iPad I started thinking of ways to use it for drying. I found a number of different tools that make it very helpful. I also had an app developed for drying as well. If you really want to stand out from the crowd you have to do something totally different from what others are doing. I’m thinking of how Evil Knievel made himself stand out but I’m not sure how that translates to water damage. The point is you can’t do the same thing that everyone else does and expect that your market will notice you. One thing that can make you stand out as different is using Evaporation Potential. This is the science behind the faster drying revolution that has changed the face of our industry over the past 6 years. It is totally unique and will make you stand out from the crowd, especially when coupled with TES or ETES equipment. The is a ton of information available on the subject of Evaporation Potential. (Go to www.tesdryingsystem.com or www.reetsdryingacademy.com/devs and read the information there and sign up for a class for more info.) When I developed EP it was hard to calculate quickly. You had to use a psychrometric chart multiple times and have a calculator as well. Then we developed an Excel sheet that would calculate EP but you had to have a computer. After that we developed a chart that allows you to figure EP pretty quickly from a single sheet of paper and no calculation. It always helps when no math is involved. Even with that, not enough people use EP. That’s like Evil Knievel never telling anyone that he could ride a motorcycle. So I developed an app for that. The drying part not the motorcycles. ReetsDryCalc Free App Yes it’s Free. I knew that would be the first question. The serves a couple of purposes. Number one it makes it easier for restorers to use. Number two adjusters and others involved in the process can download the app and become better acquainted with it. It is very important that you encourage adjusters to download this app. I get people asking me regularly whether the insurance companies are requesting EP or not. Not unless you have taught them about it. This app is a great way to get them using EP. Don’t miss the opportunity. Make sure they know that no one else is using this. Make yourself stand out. You might want to get some education though too. Its easy to use. You just take surface temp and air temp and rh and enter them into the app and voila, you have EP and vapor pressure and GPP and dew point! Additionally, it has a second calculator that figures EP backwards. You enter the EP goal that you are seeking to achieve and the current air temp and rh and it will tell you the minimum surface temp required to achieve that goal. There is more info on how to use EP and the calculators in the app. Action Plan 1. Download the app. It’s free. You can find a link at www.reetsdryingacademy.com/devs or search ‘Reets’ on the app store. 2. Leave a positive review. I need to know that people like me. Also positive reviews are visible for everyone and it will draw more people to use EP…like adjusters. 3. Use it! Record EP and turn it in on every job. Quit using GPP alone. If you don’t use EP no one will ever ask for it. 4. Get educated in EP. All the cool people are doing it. Come to one of the classes that we do at Reets Drying Academy (since I developed EP we are the only educational facility to train on it) and we will teach you how to use it. Or If you are afraid of flying, we now have online training called ReetsTV. You can go to www.Reets.tv to sign up. It is a weekly training program where you get a new 10 minute video every week and we continually build your education on Evaporation Potential and everything drying. This is a totally unique training system. So, don’t forget to use EP and the app and don’t forget to tell everyone about it. I’ll bet Evil Knievel (have you noticed his initials are EK? Now I’m thinking I need to be getting on of those red, white and blue suits!) was always getting people asking him to do a sweet jump over their swimming pool or their kids or something. If you just download ReetsDryCalc and use EP, you will achieve the kind of fame that Evil Knievel had and people will be asking you to do some sweet drying on their place.


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