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Marketing Series


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In business, there aren’t many problems that more sales won’t fix. Marketing drives opportunities to sell. From brand new owners to seasoned marketers picking up one or two tips that drive business can mean thousands in revenue. The ReetsTV Marketing Series is filled with tips on how to improve marketing. This purchase doesn’t cost, it pays!
Find out how you can grow your business through marketing.  Here are the modules you will get:

  • Marketing Series Introduction
  • Who Should You Market To
  • Unlimited Possibilities
  • Permission To Market Granted
  • Someone Says They Will Send Claims – But They Never Do
  • How To Market To Agents
  • Marketing Not Working
  • Mind Control
  • Everyone Has Someone Else They Refer
  • Working with Adjusters
  • Four Questions For Plumber Marketing
  • How To Market To Plumbers
  • The Plumber Marketing Process
  • How To Market To Adjusters
  • The Adjuster Marketing Process
  • Are Programs Right For Me
  • Getting On Insurance Programs
  • The Program Process


Free Trial – We are so confident in the quality of our training that we encourage you to try a Free Trial of our system.  In just a couple of minutes you can be logged into our system to view a few of our training programs.  You’re gonna love it.

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Marketing Series

What You Get

  • How To Eliminate Cold Calls
  • How To Grow Your Business
  • Who Should You Target Your Marketing Efforts
  • How To Market to Insurance Agents
  • How To Unlock Unlimited Marketing Opportunities
  • How To Get Claims Sent

Free Trial

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  • 1 FREE Marketing Video
  • Use Computers or Tablets
  • You like, you buy.