OSHA compliance Program

Safety & Health Management System

The safety of employees should be the top priority for employers because lives are at stake. But unfortunately, health and safety are often thrown to the wayside. Why? Because it’s a lot to handle and manage.

Not Just Videos… A Full Management System!

OSHA compliance regulations can definitely feel overwhelming. But you can relax!

To help restoration companies easily manage health and safety training and stay OSHA-compliant, we have created an easy-to-use, all-in-one OSHA compliance management system designed specifically for restoration companies.

RDA has developed a video series for safety managers and also field/office staff to go over potential hazards and how to prevent them.

But this management system is more than just videos.

We are also offering a way to know you’re OSHA-compliant and prove it with documentation.

As your staff takes the safety tests, you have access to their scores that can be used in case of an audit.

You will have the ability to track and receive reminders when techs need to be fit tested.

Receive written programs tailored specifically to your company that not only helps train on safety but also brings you up to the standard OSHA has set for your company.


What’s Included:

  • Lifetime access to records for each individual employee regarding safety training received and PPE fit testing.
  • Automated reminders for:
    • PPE Fit Testing
    • Safety & Health Training
  • 30+ OSHA-standard safety training videos
  • Written programs tailored to your company

1-5 employees $12 each
6-15 employees $10 each
16+ employees $8 each

One time fee: $
Users: $0 /

*Employees should include both office staff and field staff.

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