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More Testimonials

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On The Spot Cleaning Loves Reets.TV

“Supplying my technicians with the training they need to be the best that they can be has always been a struggle for me. Mostly because I don’t have the time to run a business, generate sales, manage crews and do all the “stuff” that seems to over fill my plate. That’s why Jeremy’s training system has been an absolute God-send for me and my organization. He teaches everything that I would teach but in a systematic, structured way that is simple and in segments that are easy to comprehend. I love it and it’s worth every penny.”

Derek Preece, owner
On The Spot Cleaning and Restorationfrom Blackfoot, Idaho


Lamunyon Cleaning & Restoration trains their staff with Reets.TV

“We use the Reets.TV. every Friday for our staff training. Since we have two different branches, Reets.TV. is helping all of us to stay on the same page as far as training and water damage policies. Another thing, I have noticed since purchasing the membership, is that we are spending less money on training. We are still sending our new techs to the basic WTR training with Barry Costa, but have substituted Reets.TV. for additional training. Whereas in the past, we spent big bucks additionally for ASD, etc. We are getting more bang for the dollar from Reets.TV. with better results.
I do believe that Jeremy has a real winner with his program. GRACIAS!”

Mike Lamunyon, owner
Lamunyon Cleaning & Restorationfrom Hutchinson, Kansas


PuroClean Restoration Services Uses Reets.TV to Improve Processes

“My crew of water techs watch the Reets.TV videos every Tuesday morning together.  They pick up on some new ideas, and review some they already know.  The topics spark some arguments, what works best in our drying jobs, and that process is great for my team, because it lets them talk together about the processes and concepts of what they actually do in the field.  It gets them thinking in new ways about the things we do every day!”

Ted Porter, owner, WRT, AMRT, LEED AP
PuroClean Restoration Services


Emphasis on Professionalism

“I am 29 weeks into this program, and I just want to say that I can appreciate and respect the emphasis that Jeremy places on professionalism. It really should be the common denominator in every task that we perform in our industry. I can’t stress this enough to my guys, and it is nice to have those things re-enforced by Jeremy when we watch these videos.”

Matt Sadler
Rapid Response Restoration


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