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Next Level 2022

August 10-12, 2022

Brainstorm? I Already Have Ideas.....

We want actions…. not just ideas. Every one has ideas. But no one is putting all those ideas together in one place and then prompting action. At Next Level, we want you to be a part of the instruction. Sure… we have ideas. But why listen to 1 person’s idea, when you have so many other genius business owners in the same room! What takes these sessions to the next level though? ACTION!

As we talk through some of the industry’s issues and some of the challenges in your business, we will have all the ideas out in the open. Then we will assign specific tasks to make sure that the ideas don’t stay in Georgia as you go back home. Action items don’t just get assigned. You’ll work on them during the course of the day. Your company will change while you’re at Next Level. Then it will be up to you to maintain the changes. We will make that easy with the workbook tailored to the changes you have made and will make.

Take your company to the Next Level!

Next Level Program

Thursday Morning Program

Welcome To Next Level (9 AM)

How Can Change Equal Profit

Setting the Standard for Profitability in Restoration

The Formula for Creating Change in Your Organization

Doing Too Much is Limiting Your Success! Simplify Your Organization

Thursday Afternoon Program

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture (Julie Bloom- Violand Management Associates)

Guarantee Essential Results. Principles, Goals and Profitable Activities

Get Paid for the Job You Should Do

Friday Morning Program

Symposium: The Job You Should Do

Fire Profitable Activities

Contaminated Water and Mold Profitable Activities

Friday Afternoon Program

Health Profitable Activities

Water Restoration Profitable Activities

Plan to Get to Your Next Level

Bring Your Team With You!

First 2 Team Members

$1,295 each

Each Additional Team Member 

$595 each

We price the Next Level Event in a way that you can bring your entire team! Make this a team meeting that will truly change your company culture. How? You’ll work on your team goals together at the event. This will also give your the opportunity to show your team members how much you value them by investing in their education. Your team members will be able to network with other mitigation companies around the country to select new ideas and goals that fit your company. They will also be able to freely open up with the team building conversations and brainstorming sessions. How will this help you? It will help you spot what team members are truly invested in your company. These individuals are the ones that will take you from being an Owner-Operator to a true Business Owner. Set those employees on the path to Management, Project Management, Estimating and more at the Next Level Event.

Who Will Be Helping You Elevate Your Company?

  • Jeremy Reets

  • David Hodge

  • Nick Sharp

  • Brandon White

With Special Appearances from:

  • Meredith Truitt and Rebekah Beilen

Take Your Company To The Next Level Today!!!!