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Online Certification

Faster. More convenient. More cost effective. Online certification makes sense. Start today!

Certification pays. Proper certification can make the difference between landing a job and losing it. Certified techs earn more money for the companies they work for than techs trained on the job. Certified firms are better able to justify fair charges than uncertified firms, because they know the facts. Certification also costs. Sending a tech to school can be expensive and pulls them away from work for days or even a week. For that reason many companies choose to  wait for months or even years before sending techs to school for certification. While hands on courses still provide an outstanding training experience, there is an easier solution. Online Water Damage Certification. 

It is widely known that Reets Drying Academy has the most comprehensive online water damage restoration library in the industry. By pairing the best online water damage training in the industry with quality examinations the Reets Drying Academy Online Water Damage Certification Program provides a convenient solution for certifying water restoration technicians.

*Not an IICRC Certification

Why wait? Let certification start paying for you today.

Water Extraction Technician
(Basic Certification)
Cost: $199
Water Damage Restoration
(Advanced Certification)
Cost: $425

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