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PartThree: Should We Refinish the Hardwood Floors?

Should We Refinish?

Yes! You will need to refinish most hardwood floors during the drying process.

There could be times that you don’t need to refinish. Certainly.

During the restoration process all you are able to control is whether the boards lay back down or not. If there is damage to the finish like feathering to the end of the board or like cracking in the finish you cant fix that with drying. The only thing that can fix those specific issues is refinishing

Just think about it. If you get done with a drying job and there is cracking in the finish are you going to take responsibility for the fact that the drying is not done correctly? Of course not! That did not happen because of the drying.

You cant say that refinishing is not part of the drying process either because you don’t know yet.

So if you start out with refinishing with the standard that you are going to refinish the hardwood at the end of the drying job, then after the drying is done you can take a look at the floor and determine if it is necessary.

Only then will you end up with the best looking hardwood floor on every drying project!