People ask me all of the time – Why should I come to Reets Drying Academy?

Why Choose Reets Drying Academy? TOP 5 Reasons

5.  Our Location:

Our facility is conveniently located only a 25 minute drive from Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, the busiest airport in the world. We provide referrals to comfortable and affordable luxury accommodations in the area with hotel shuttle service available to you from the airport and to class everyday. Also, we share our building with Jeremy Reets’ successful multi-million dollar restoration company. This makes it easy for you to tour his business and take ideas home to drive your success.  Our Address & Contact Info.

4.  Our Facility:

Our classroom and flood house have been created with you in mind. The large spacious classroom and one of a kind flood house make it easy for you to focus on your education during your stay. Hearty meals as well as a variety of snacks and beverages are provided to you each day. You will experience true southern hospitality during your visit.  Tour Our Floodhouse Online.

3.  Our Instructors:

All of our instructors have years of in-field experience in the restoration industry. You will get real answers from the applied knowledge of true restoration professionals. Watch a Video Interview with Joe Dobbins & Jeremy Reets. 

2.  Our Focus:

Our vision at Reets Drying Academy is to provide the world’s best training with real life tools that you can implement immediately into your business to make you the most profitable restoration company in your market! Our staff is willing to support you long after you leave our facility. After you attend your first course here, helpful documents and calculators are available to you online and you qualify for our membership discount for future courses. Our focus will be and has always been your long-term success. We do not sell any products at our facility. We further support this through Reets.TV Online Training.  Learn more about this at www.reets.tv  The only purchase you make here is quality education.

1.  Our Continued Support:

We are constantly looking for ways to continually provide support to help our students to reach success for months and even years after they attend a class.  We can now continue to educate you from the convenience of your office online through ReetsTV.  (Available April 4, 2011)
~Also, Once you attend a class at our school you gain access to the following FREE student benefits:

  • Members Only Resource Center- Documents, Charts, Drying Plans and other useful info.
  • Free Marketing Materials – Free Templates for your use on your Marketing Materials- Giveaways,Business Cards, Brochures, Vehicle Wraps, Etc.
  • Free Water Damage Leads – Once you meet the qualifications for The Certified RestorationTeam you can begin receiving free water damage leads from our lead generator. (Available May 2011)
  • $50 Off Of Your Next Class – If you have already attended a course here or purchased online training, remind us when you schedule your next class call us at 770-712-7293 so that we can apply your returning student discount.

Do you have Questions For Us?
Call 770-712-7293
Email info@reetsdryingacademy.com/devs


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