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 Restoration Estimating and Negotiating PLUS

(Xactimate + Estimating and Negotiating Combo Course) 


***Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this class is only offered via Livestream until further notice***

What you need:

Laptop: For the Xactimate portion of the course, Xactimate will need to be on your laptop
Tablet (Highly Recommended): If you have Xactimate Mobile please bring the tablet that it is installed on
A Completed Estimate: Any completed estimate is fine, we will review this during class

In our Restoration Estimating and Negotiating PLUS course, we’ve combined our highly acclaimed Restoration Estimating and Negotiating course with our newest Xactimate training course.

But don’t be fooled! While you will learn how to use Xactimate, this class isn’t just to prepare you for an Xactimate certification. Instead, it will equip you to successfully estimate in the REAL WORLD.

Join us at Reets Drying Academy for 4 days to learn best mitigation estimating  practices when using Xactimate.

On Day 1 & 2: We will start with the basics of using and getting comfortable with Xactimate. Learn how to sketch in Xactimate in the most efficient ways. This includes sketching from a desk when you’ve never been on site or if you are going to the home. Then do a deep dive into the line items. What do line items mean? When should you use certain line items? How do you justify line items using Xactimate?

On Day 3 & 4: We will address one of the top concerns that restoration contractors face: how to charge for services. This portion of the course builds on the previous 2 days of Xactimate training and will teach how to focus on minimizing the difference between the amount of the first estimate delivered and the collected amount.  The instructors, Jeremy Reets and Nick Sharp will also share not only tips and tricks but solid processes that help get estimates done right every day.

How much difference will understanding and confidence in your estimating process make to your bottom line?  Attend the Reets Drying Academy Restoration Estimating and Negotiating PLUS Course and find out!

WARNING: Average collected amount on invoices are expected to increase after attending this class

Course can be broken up into JUST the Xactimate portion OR JUST the Estimating & Negotiating portion.  

Call 770-712-7293 for details


What you will learn:

  • Basic Xactimate training
  • How to build a good foundation for Xactimate
  • How to sketch efficiently in Xactimate
  • How to sketch from a desk when you’ve never been on site or if you are going to the home
  • What specific line items mean
  • When you should use certain line items
  • How to justify line items using Xactimate
  • How to make sure your estimates are not missing one single penny's worth of profit
  • Work with some of the new technology and see where the industry may go in the future
  • How the right photos will support your estimated amount
  • The value of a clear and accurate sketch of a loss
  • Maintaining clear communication from the field to the staff members entering the estimate in the office
  • Justification of your estimate through notes, photos and documentation from reference sources such as the S500 when necessary
  • A S500 reference document that helps you associate this valuable document with services you have rendered
  • A proven scoping process (we have used this for years)
  • Hands on estimating of losses in our flood house
  • Negotiation skills that help you get paid for necessary work
  • Negotiate on the estimate that you prepare in class
  • How to handle the adjuster that just won’t play fair