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CDS – Commercial Drying Specialist 


With purchase of this course you will receive a free S500 standard. ($125 value)  

This class is at a separate location: 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071                                                                

Instructor: Mickey Lee

*Pre-requisite WRT

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Is Drying a commercial building any different than a residential job?

 Absolutely!  This class will prepare you to excel in drying commercial projects from small to large, simple to complicated.

 Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS) is a 4-day course focusing on commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential structures. During the course, students will become proficient in the analysis and anatomy of commercial structures, improve their inspection techniques, learn advanced psychrometric concepts, and administrate and manage a large drying project. The goal of this course is for the students to be proficient in drying a commercial or complex structure and understand the concepts of managing such a project.

Resources for this course include:  the current ANSI/Clean Trust S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, reference media, scientific, technical and industry resources.  Learn how to inspect, evaluate, dry, administer and manage large losses. Instruction on damage inspection and evaluation, work flow management, process administration and technical methods of effective and timely drying of commercial, industrial, institutional and complex residential water-damaged structures, systems, and furniture, fixtures and equipment ( FFE).

Class is from 8-6pm daily.

*Testing Fee is not included.


What you will learn:

  • Principles of drying
  • Differences between residential and commercial structures project management, project and technical -coordination
  • Negotiation and communication with interested parties
  • Health & safety
  • Re-assessment during the project
  • Safety planning on the job
  • Microbiological considerations
  • Commercial construction practices
  • Climate control
  • Drying complex structures, systems, and materials
  • Commercial mechanical systems and air management
  • Equipment options
  • Air flow and control
  • Temporary power generation and distribution hazard control and communication
  • Engineering controls
  • Project management
  • Planning, staging and project set up
  • Site considerations
  • Hvac systems, components, mechanics
  • Administration
  • Documentation
  • Advanced psychrometry & moisture mechanics in materials