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Price: $595 (1 year membership)

11 videos. Over 2 hours of content

For the first time ever, we are releasing an online course about Mold Remediation. Through video and written material, this course teaches you the mechanics of handling a mold remediation job from beginning to end. Learn what mold is and what makes it grow, how to manage airflow, how to install containment, how to demo and clean, how to remediate the structure and its contents, and more.

*This is not an IICRC certification course, but has a certificate provided from Reets Drying Academy.

Video 1: Understanding

Video 2: Conditions

Video 3: Basics of Mold Remediation

Video 4: Air Flow Management

Video 5: Containment

Video 6: Controlled Demo

Video 7: Detailed Cleaning

Video 8: PPE

Video 9: Contents

Video 10: Structural Remediation

Video 11: PRE & PRV


What you will learn:

  • Handle the job from beginning to end
  • What is mold?
  • What makes mold grow?
  • How to manage air flow
  • How to install containment
  • How to demo and clean
  • How to remediate the structure and contents
  • and more...