ReetsTV Spanish –  1 Year Membership

Our industry has seen an increased need for training in the Spanish language. Learning to set equipment, extract and handle contents with care are important skills for all our techs. Train your Spanish techs these tasks in their mother tongue.

Our number 1 priority is training individuals to know how to properly dry structures with health and safety in mind. This is directly tied to a company’s bottom line. But if a tech’s first language is a barrier to this, how can we ensure the job is being done the way it should? To resolve this issue and make sure there are no barriers to performing a job per the s500, Reets TV Español was created. It covers the basic items all techs should know to properly mitigate a loss.

*This does not provide an IICRC certification.

Videos Included

Video 1: Moving Contents (Moviendo Pertenencias)

Video 2: The Process of Extraction (Proceso De Extracción)

Video 3: Placing Air Movers (Colocando Circuladores De Aire)

Video 4: Placing Dehumidifiers (Colocando Deshumidificadores)

Video 5: Demolition (Demolición)

Video 6: Visual Inspection ( Inspección Visual)


Reets TV Español with Auto-Renewal Discount

$300.00 / year

What you will learn:

  • Extraction
  • Setting Air Movers
  • Setting Dehumidifiers
  • Contents
  • Demolition
  • Visual Inspection