Water Restoration Pro

Reets TV Water Restoration Pro is an online water restoration training system that you can use to conveniently educate your staff based on their needs. Jeremy has invested years into creating the largest library of information on water restoration of its kind! We have over 150 videos! This program covers water restoration categories such as customer service, science, processes, fundamentals, and profitability. This program will guide you from basic restoration techniques all the way through advanced techniques.

You can bring this training in-house and assign courses to your staff specific to their needs. Use it to train new hires and technicians on an individual level, increasing their knowledge, ability, and skill. Additionally, our videos work great during team meetings to elevate everyone’s abilities and keep your team on the same page. This is truly the most relevant and powerful training system available in our industry, and it can be yours!

Single license is only available for companies with only one employee including the owner. If the company has more than one employee you must choose a RTV multi user license product.

Module 1.1.1 The Value of Extracting Carpet and Pad
Module 1.1.3 Extracting Carpet and Pad with Ride-on Extraction Tool (Hydrox)
Module 1.2.1 Air Movers Identification and Testing
Module 1.2.2 Air Mover Best Application and Placement
Module 1.2.3 Setting the Right Number of Air Movers
Module 1.3.1 Moisture Meter Identification
Module 1.3.2 Using Hygrometers and IR Thermometers
Module 1.3.3 Invasive Moisture Meter Application
Module 1.3.4 Non Invasive Moisture Meter Application
Module 1.4.1 Dehumidification’s Role in Drying
Module 1.4.2 Using LGR Dehumidifiers
Module 1.4.3 Setting The Right Number of LGR Dehumidifiers
Module 1.5.2 Electrical Basics and Safety on Water Losses Part 1
Module 1.5.2 Electrical Basics and Safety on Water Losses Part 2
Module 1.6.1 Direct Heat Application Basics
Module 1.8.1 Antimicrobial Application
Module 1.9.1 Floor Drying Principles
Module 1.9.2 Application for Wood and Ceramic Floors
Module 1.10.1 Containment Principles
Module 1.10.2 Containment Installation
Module 1.14.1 Handling Contents On a Water Loss
Module 1.15.1 PPE on a Water Loss
Module 1.16.1 Wall Air Injection Tools
Module 1.16.2 Wall Air Injection Application
Module 1.17.1 Understanding Air Filtration Divices
Module 1.17.2 Using Air Filtration Devices

Module 2.1.1 Psychrometry 101-Relative Humidity, Humidity Ratio & the Psychrometric Chart
Module 2.1.2 Psychrometry 102-Humidity Ratio Readings
Module 2.3.1 Evaporation Potential 101-Dalton’s Law of Evaporation
Module 2.3.2 Evaporation Potential 102- Calculating EP
Module 2.3.3 Increase EP by heating Wet Surfaces
Module 2.3.4 Increase EP by Drying The Air
Module 2.3.5 Drying With EP
Module 2.4.1 Determining The Category of Water
Module 2.4.3 ATP Testing And Category of a loss
Module 2.4.4 Initial Response To Mold Amplification On a Water Loss
Module 2.4.5 ATP Sampling Procedures

Module 3.1.1 Removing Base and Cutting Drywall
Module 3.2.2 Drying Crawlspace Structure
Module 3.2.3 Drying Crawlspace Soil
Module 3.2.5 Crawlspace Drying Process
Module 3.3.1 Hardwood Technical Questions 1
Module 3.3.1 Hardwood Technical Questions 2
Module 3.3.2 Hardwood Drying Process
Module 3.4.1 In Place Drying
Module 3.4.3 Conventional Drying Process When Removing Padding and Drying Carpet
Module 3.5.1 Ceramic Tile Drying Process-Part 1
Module 3.5.1 Ceramic Tile Drying Process-Part 2
Module 3.9.1 Category 3 Water Loss Response Principles
Module 3.9.2 Category 3 Water Loss-Contaminated Material Removal
Module 3.9.3 Category 3 Water Loss-Decontamination

Reets TV Water Restoration Pro Startup Plan

$899.00 / year

This is a one user plan including 52 videos and final exam. It covers fundamentals, science, and processes. You will receive a final certificate from Reets Drying Academy. (Not an IICRC certification.)

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