Quick Tip: Benefits of Using Antimicrobials


How Often Are You Using Antimicrobials


The idea of due diligence is that we are taking reasonable steps in a given situation.

On a water damage due diligence would include the application of a botanical antimicrobial.

There really is no downside to applying antimicrobial on all of your water restoration jobs. Very little health concern when using a botanical product, such as Benefect. You have the ability to control the potential for microbial activity in a water damage environment. Applying antimicrobial is so simple it makes you ask yourself why not? The benefits definitely outweigh the any reason not to.


Antimicrobial Xactimate line item


Pushback From Insurance Companies


The key to getting paid for your use of antibacterial is justifying your choice for using it.

The Xactimate code for using a botanical antimicrobial is:


Jeremy’s botanical antimicrobial of choice is Benefect. He uses Benefect Decon 30 on every job.


“I would put that stuff on everything!”

     – Jeremy Reets


Watch the Quick Tip with Jeremy Reets here!





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