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Quick Tip – Hardwood Drying – What not to dry!

What type of flooring you should or shouldn’t dry?

Floors you SHOULDN’T dry:

  • Engineered – Engineered floors cannot be restored. You can dry those floors but you will not be able to successfully sand and refinish them. Making them a project you will not want to start.
  • Laminate – You can dry it, however, you will be left with dry garbage on the floor.
  • Hardwood floors over concrete – Very few exceptions to this rule. With the type of installation used when installing these floors you cannot effectively get all of the moisture out. You can dry the planks but not all of the installation underneath.

Floors you SHOULD Dry:

The floors you will want to dry are: 3 quarter inch sold wood nailed to a plywood or OSB subfloor. These floors allow you to dry out the materials, for the cupping to lay back down, and for you to be able to refinish the floors successfully.

Stay tuned for the next quick tip: How to get hardwood floors that are cupping, to lay back down.