Quick Tip with Peter Sierck Part One – How to Handle Mold on a Job


The Single Most Important Thing to do on a Water Loss When Mold is Found is…


Peter Sierck is a industrial hygienist and mold consultant that helps others in the water restoration industry become mold remediation experts.

The single most important thing to do on a water loss when mold is found is not to ignore it. Even if it is only a small amount.



Why Is That Important?


The air movers, dehumidifiers, and even the antimicrobials used on a water loss can disperse mold throughout the building. You have now turned that entire building into a mold liability, and it is your mold liability now.

You also must consider the health and safety of the occupants and your employees. Mycotoxins can cause many health concerns in those sensitive to these toxins. Do you know if someone could possibly have health effects to these mycotoxins just by looking at them? Not necessarily. So precautions must be taken!


How do you avoid the liability?


Simply take plastic over the molded area to contain the area and then you can continue your drying process until you can properly remediate it.

Not handling the mold in the proper way can cause so much more trouble than what you bargained for when entering the job. Don’t let that happen to you. Take the necessary steps on your next job handling mold the right way.

Watch the quick tip below for Peter to explain it himself and check out when he is teaching next to become a mold remediation expert!




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