Reets Drying Academy Releases it’s New iPhone App!

I am very glad to announce that my app is now on the Apple App store. I have worked with a developer for the past couple months coming up with an app for water damage restorers that will help them to calculate readings into EP, dew point, GPP and Vapor Pressure. This industry first application will be very useful to you. The app is FREE for download and use. Please enjoy the app and tell others about it. If you enjoy using it, the best way to say thanks would be by leaving positive feedback at the app store. The more positive feedback we get, the more downloads we will get and the more apps we will produce. This app will work on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Have fun! Here is the link. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reetsdrycalc-reets-drying/id413679118?mt=8&ls=1 Thanks, Jeremy Reets

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