Reets TV Referral Program


Do You Want Some Money?


Are you a current Reets TV subscriber? Want a chance to get your next renewal for free?

Check out our new Reets TV Referral program!


Here’s How It Works!



  1. Tell a friend about Reets TV!
  2. When they purchase a Reets TV Water Restoration Pro subscription or an entire Reets TV Library subscription (Water, Mold, and Estimating), they get $100 off their purchase and you get $100 off your next renewal. Remember, when checking out, they must give us your full name and company in order to get the $100 off for each of you. Below is what it will look like:



Start referring today! Share the link below on Facebook, via text, email, the possibilities are endless!

Here is the Referral Link


***May not be combined with any other offer. Excludes pre-negotiated deals. Credit may only be applied to Reets TV purchases***

Written By: Mae Fox

Mae has worked in the restoration industry for many years now. She started in accounting and HR. She now works with marketing for Reets Drying Academy and is absolutely rocking it! Mae takes care of our blogging, works with our video department and is in in charge of the email, social media and other message campaigns. 


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