Reets TV Streaming: Online Restoration Training

Reets TV Streaming is online water restoration training re-imagined!


Here at Reets Drying Academy, we’re constantly trying to think outside of the box and to play our part in making our industry the best it can be!

That’s why we’ve created Reets TV Streaming!


The Reets TV Streaming platform provides video on-demand training that makes training that delivers a convenient, modern training experience.

Thanks to its cutting edge design, you can now watch training on virtually any device, anytime, anywhere!


Modern Drying Process – Reducing Demo

During a residential Category 1 water intrusion, water flows under cabinets and wicks into the wall assembly behind them. In a commercial Category 1 water intrusion, water flows across the floor into a metal framed,

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Why Choose Reets Drying Academy?

Table of Contents Reets Drying Academy (RDA), the best restoration school in the world (your words, not ours) has multiple classes that are essential to helping the success of your disaster restoration company! Check out

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