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What Is the Difference Between Reets TV Streaming and Reets TV Enterprise?


We’ve recently launched Reets TV Streaming and Reets TV Enterprise. As a result, we’ve received the question: “What’s the difference between the two?”

If you’re someone that’s asked this important question, you’ve come to the right place! The major differences between the two programs are:

  1. Platform
  2. Reets TV App


Different Types of Training Platforms


First and foremost, the largest difference between Reets TV Streaming and Reets TV Enterprise is the training platform.

Reets TV Enterprise is the heftier platform. It provides restoration companies with a learning management system.


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Why do we offer both? Well, the short answer is, different companies have different needs. We want to provide a solution for both. After all, training could be the difference between huge profits and huge losses.


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Reets TV Streaming


Let’s start off with discussing the amazingness that is Reets TV Streaming our newest video on-demand streaming platform (think Netflix, but for restoration companies). You can immediately begin training and easily breeze through the training videos with the built-in autoplay feature!


Check out the free content on Reets TV Streaming


Because of it’s unique platform, videos can be watched whenever and wherever you want. You’ll be able to watch the training on your TV (Roku app), your tablet, phone or computer. Even when you don’t have internet access! But we’ll get into that later.

This innovative, straight-forward platform makes training easy. Let’s face it, if training is hard, most aren’t gonna do it. With Reets TV Streaming, you” have the easiest way to train right at your fingertips!


Reets TV Enterprise


Now let’s move onto Reets TV Enterprise. If you’re a company that is looking for a learning management system, look no further! Reets TV Enterprise provides the same great training as Reets TV Streaming, but in a structured way that allows you to track individual technicians and their progress throughout the training. Reets TV Enterprise also includes 14 IICRC CEC hours for users, white-label branding, exams and the potential to add your own content and training videos. If you’re interested in this, call Rebekah today to discuss pricing. (rebekah@reets.tv; 770-712-7293)


Want a free trial to see if Reets TV is a good fit?


Reets TV App

reets tv app


Have you heard? Reets TV now has an app! The app is available in the Apple store, Google Play store, and Roku Channel Store.  This app allows Reets TV to be accessed from virtually any device (television, phone, tablet or computer)!

What makes it even more incredible, is that within the app, users are able to download selected content and watch the videos without the need for an internet connection. Pretty amazing, right?!?!


So Which One Should You Choose?


We recommend Reets TV Streaming if you’re looking for the simplest solution for training your employees especially during team meetings, with little-to-no management. This is probably the best fit for most restoration companies.

If you’re a company with multiple locations and want a more managed approach to individual training, we would recommend Reets TV Enterprise. (For more pricing and info email rebekah@reets.tv ).




In conclusion, both Reets TV Streaming and Enterprise are both great options that provide contractors with a cost effective way to on-board new hires before sending them to costly certification courses. They also provide a great way to reinforce your technicians’ training after they’ve received their certifications.

We hope this clears up any confusion between Reets TV Streaming and Reets TV Enterpirse. If not, feel free to reach out to Rebekah, our Reets TV Advisor, at rebekah@reets.tv.

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Written By: Mae Fox

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