ReetsTV Spanish Is Here

ReetsTV Spanish is HERE!

ReetsTV is an Online Water Restoration Training System that you can conveniently use anytime, anywhere.

In our growing industry there has been an increased need for training in the Spanish language. At Reets Drying Academy we have worked hard to make that a reality. With Online Training in Spanish the hope is to bridge the gap for bilingual students. Thus helping the student to be better prepared for the field and IICRC certification courses.

Our training uses videos and exams to teach important restoration concepts. The videos combine spoken information with footage of practical application. In addition, many terms are shown in both English and Spanish for the students benefit.

We will be adding Systems Manual Pages and an Exam in January and there will be more videos to come!

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Get the Online Training for Only – $300

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What you will learn:

  • Extraction
  • Setting Air Movers
  • Setting Dehumidifiers
  • Contents
  • Demolition
  • Visual Inspection
  • And More….
  • Exam Coming Soon
  • Systems Manual Pages Coming Soon


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