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HMR Line Items on Cat 3 Claims Justified?

In order to know what a line item includes and if we are using it correctly, we need to learn how to really dig into the line items. What are we digging for? Treasure!!! That buried treasure is the company’s profits. The more you dig, the more treasure you will find. So let’s start on […]

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Who Are We? The Reets Drying Academy Team

Who is Reets Drying Academy? The goal here at Reets Drying Academy is to provide the most professional, cutting edge and well rounded training available in the industry. Our Team is currently made up of: Meredith Truitt – Hands On Courses Training Advisor Danielle Vincent – Online Training Advisor Rebekah Beilen – Online Presence and […]

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Why Come to Georgia?

We hear a lot of times “your facility is too far away” and “we cant fly all the way to Georgia.” We understand that it may be far but we have had customers from Canada all the way to Australia. Just saying. So i am here to tell you why you CAN and SHOULD! Its […]

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Restoration Quick Tip From Jeremy Reets – Are Photos Important for Your Estimate?

Are Photos Important for Your Estimate? The question we may ask ourselves is: Are photos important to include in our estimates? Yes! Yes they are. Getting the right photos on our mitigation jobs is key for providing an accurate estimate. Making sure you are taking the right pictures is what will make sure you get […]

Customer Relationships: Part 1

Manage Your Customer Relationships Relationships are one of the biggest things that money can’t buy to promote your business. Over the course of the next few weeks we will discover the important ways you can manage your customer relationships. An enormous aspect of any good relationship is trust! What exactly is trust? Trust is an […]

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Get Amazing Testimonials: Part 3

If you have been reading this series from the beginning then you already know some great tips on how to get some amazing testimonials. In this week’s installment we are covering two great testimonial tips! Week Three Testimonial Tips: Get Permission & Be Prepared Getting permission is a huge step you don’t want to skip […]

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Get Amazing Testimonials: Part 2

We have already covered the fact that testimonials make great introductions for your business. And don’t forget that last week we learned the importance of asking for a testimonial. This week we will be covering the importance of timing. What does timing have to do with testimonials? Well, lets find out! Week Two Testimonial Tip: Timing […]

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Get Amazing Testimonials: Part 1

You know that your company is great at what you do and you love to tell your potential customers how amazing you are. You get the job done, you stand out from the competition, and you genuinely care about your clients. The truth is, your clients already expect to hear that coming from you. Why […]

Be Fearless Insightful applications of energy in drying.

  By Jeremy Reets “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” — Marie Curie I find it interesting that there is a fear of using energy in restorative drying. There are a multitude of articles that […]

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Profit Mastery: The 4 Building Blocks Part 4 of 4

  This is the final installment of the Profit Mastery: The 4 Building Blocks Series. If you can check out any of our previous installments on our blog page. Margins is the fourth driver of this series. The leads are coming in and you have converted them into jobs and now your employees know how to properly […]