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3 Ways Reets TV Streaming Can Save You Money AND Time

1. Weed out the quitters Stop wasting precious time and money on new technicians that don’t stay! Reets TV Streaming provides reliable, IICRC standard training, available at any time and virtually on any device. From Day 1, you can train all new techs and build a solid foundation with Reets TV Streaming. As they progress […]

What 2020 Has Given Us

2020 has thrown us quite a few curveballs, hasn’t it? In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to come to grips with missed celebrations, missed moments with family and friends, and missed opportunities. 2020 has taken quite a bit away from us it seems. But if we take a step back, 2020 has actually given us […]

3 tips for getting your employees excited about training

3 Tips For Getting Your Employees Excited About Training

Training can sometimes be low on the priority list for your employees. It’s a challenge sometimes to get your team excited about training in any form. There are many reasons for this, but it could be partially the fault of management or the owner. How is that? Sometimes an owner or manager could do better […]