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The course covers the science and technical information that needed to maximize the TES and eTES systems. Jeremy takes you through the science behind evaporation potential and through all of the hands on applications and set-ups for the system.

You will go through real life drying scenarios to learn how to adapt processes to directed heated drying.  You will go through the full TES setup, process the house, work through monitoring and post-inspection, learn more about drying hardwood, carpet, walls, tile, and hardwood, the crawlspace, and other materials in the outdoor floodhouse. You will learn to use the charts, iPhone App (if you have one that you would like to use) and process flows on the website along with more documentation that you gain access to once you come to class.   You will also have all of your questions answered about how much equipment to use and when, and what factors to manipulate in order to get the fastest results.

In the classroom you will cover Evaporation Potential and the EP formula in detail, along with billing packages for jobs, troubleshooting, processing the information gathered during the drying process, and much more.  The best part is, that all of this information is coming from the innovator of the equipment himself.

Here are the modules you will get:

    • WFDS (World’s Fastest Drying System, TES and ETES) Course
    • Module 4 – Evaporation Potential
    • Evaporation Potential Exam


    • Free Trial – We are so confident in the quality of our training that we encourage you to try a Free Trial of our system.  In just a couple of minutes you can be logged into our system to view a few of our training programs.  You’re gonna love it.
    • All online training

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What You Get

  • Full TES/ETES Online Video Training System
  • Complete TES/ETES Systems Manual
  • How-To Guides
  • Bonus Charts, Downloads & Drying Documents
  • Evaporation Potential & Psychrometric Calculator

Free Trial

Free Stuff?

  • 1 FREE TES/ETES Video
  • Use Computers or Tablets
  • You like, you buy.




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