Testimonials from Our Last Classes

These are a few of the latest testimonials received from our December Courses at Reets Drying Academy.

“This class was very informative.  I have a better understanding and clarification of ideas that I have heard before.   You will gain knowledge at this class that you cannot obtain at other classes.” – Bryce, Alpine Cleaning

“Very good class.  Hands-on real life information.  Facilities are fantastic.  Take advantage of some of the most progressive teachers available in our industry.  First class operation, superior training.” – Kelly, Rainbow International

“This is by far the most successful training I’ve been to.  I have learned how to become a more efficient restoration contractor.  Thanks for all of the detailed explanations on the system and how to dry structures faster.” – Alex, Wolverine Restoration

“I came to Reets Drying Academy to see if the TES system really works.  It works better than any expectation that I had!  I would tell others who are considering attending The World’s Fastest Drying Course that it is an absolute necessity!” – Steve, PBI Restorations

December 8-10, World’s Fastest Drying Course


December 1-3, ASD Course



5 Common Myths About PPE

As either the owner or an employee of a disaster restoration company, you’ve likely been concerned about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) well before the Covid-19 craze. Yet, there is still a bit of misinformation surrounding

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