Keys to Success In Getting the Most Out of Your Training


Time Is Money…. Make it Count


Getting a certification whether it be online or in a training classroom is expensive and it takes time. We definitely would not throw away a $20 bill. Don’t throw away your opportunity for better learning that you can take back and apply in your work environment. Becoming a better employee makes you more valuable and marketable when it comes to finding a new job or moving up in your current one. Our time is so precious to us. So making sure we are getting the most of our time is very important.

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Here are some of my keys tips for focusing and retaining the most information from your training.


Prepare: Make sure you are preparing for what you are learning. Whether it is in the field or through books and videos. Make yourself familiar with the important terms and practices you may be learning about it. Knowing what psychometry is before you see it in print or have to apply it may help out. Wink Wink!


Keep Your Eyes Focused: Its important and proven that if you keep your eyes on what you are supposed to be learning you will retain it better. Watch the presentation, if it is on power point or something of that sort, take notes. Writing helps keep your brain focused on what you are learning and keeping you on track.


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Take breaks: Breaks are important it is a lot of information that you are trying to take it. Let’s face it we aren’t a child anymore and not that sponge we used to be. However children need breaks too. Taking a few minutes in every now and then will help you stand up, get your blood flowing, grab some caffeine, or a small snack, and even go outside and grab some fresh air. Those five minutes you take will prove vital to your success.


Participate: If you are in the situation where you are able to participate, do it! Hands-on Training is supposed to be just that. Using the different equipment or materials provided will help you ten fold. It is guaranteed with use of our hands the retention rate sky-rockets.


Ask Questions: Nobody wants to be “that guy.” The one that wouldn’t be quiet and was asking stupid questions, but if you are seriously missing a fundamental part of what you should be learning of course it is important. Even if someone else views it as stupid wouldn’t you rather be 100% sure before test day comes?? Instructors are there for your benefit. They even provide that real life experience. Maybe they have been where you are and can help you over that hurdle you have been struggling with.

Making the most of your training, whether it be online, in a classroom, or just reading a book, take your time and implement the process completely. Allowing yourself the potential for the most success and retaining the most information will get you the most out of your training. Just remember to Prepare, Keep Your Eyes Focused, Take Breaks, Participate, and Ask Questions.

We are here to help you with training but we want to make sure you get the most of it!


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Jeremy Reets

Jeremy Reets started in water restoration in 1990. He is known as the innovator of the TES/ETES drying systems and a discipline of drying called Directed Heat Drying™. He developed the Evaporation Potential formula for use by restorers. He opened Reets Drying Academy and flood house in 2005 to provide water damage restoration education. In 2011, Jeremy developed Reets.TV, a series of online water restoration training packages.


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