The Magic of Technician Retention!

Have you ever had the fear that a well trained technician means a higher risk that they will leave and become your competition? If so you must read further!!!!

GUESS WHAT?  The number one reason a person decides to transition from technician to entrepreneur is because of a break in communication between technician and owner. Here’s some solutions that address this problem.Solution #1: Consistently monitor and communicate company goals.
Ask yourself “Can I quickly articulate what my company goals are?” If not you are like a ship floating out to sea with no steer and no compass resulting in mates who want to jump ship and row their own boat. Obviously that would be the first thing you need to resolve and take some time to do. The next thing would be to establish KPI’s. Ok…some of you may be saying “What in the world are KPI’s????” Well here you go….KPI’s are also known as Key Performance Indicators. Usually companies use KPI’s to evaluate the overall success of a company goal, or to evaluate the success of a particular activity of individual employees that directly impact the goal.  (e.g. 10/10 customer satisfaction). Therefore choosing the right KPI’s relies upon a good understanding of what is important to your company. These assessments often lead to the identification of potential improvements. To take that even further and really cover the whole spectrum, put in place tools and career tracks to empower employees with resources to make the needed improvements. (It would be wrong for me not to point you to ReetsTV as an example of a strong tool.) Contrary to what you have been thinking, empowering Technicians in this way actually increases Technician Retention! Read Solution #2 and get further understanding of why.

Solution #2: Ask and make it a policy to know what your technician’s personal goals are.
Does that make you a little uncomfortable? If it does you may be on your way to broken communication syndrome (BCS). No…not a medical term, however very frequently results in the loss of technicians. Reverse the potential of your technicians feeling unappreciated now! Create this mind set “my employer is interested in my goals and appreciates and values the growth I make within the company.”


-Contributed by Danielle Reets, Training Advisor at Reets Drying Academy


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