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Think Mitigation Not Drying.


Mitigation thinking is always a WIN WIN WIN. What is the difference between mitigation thinking and drying thinking?

When entering a water restoration job and you use your drying thinking, your first thought will be, what is going to be the fastest way to get the materials dry? What is the easiest way to guarantee the materials will be dry when I’m done? Your first thought will be to tear out all the materials because it’s the fastest way. Is this thinking increasing our costs? If we are quick to tear out materials we are severely missing out on all fronts. Making this job a loss for everyone involved.

How is it a loss for everyone?

  • Customer: The customer loses because their home gets torn apart. Who benefits from having the bottom two feet of their drywall cut out? If it’s not necessary, don’t do it. It makes everything take longer.
  • Insurance Company: The insurance company loses because it unnecessarily increases claim costs.
  • Restorer: It’s a loss because you are focusing on services that produce low profitability instead of using your high profitability skills offered through mitigation services.

When focusing on mitigation we are reducing the overall claim cost and increasing profits from the mitigation services we are providing. This will benefit us because providing mitigation services allows for higher profits on each job. Focus on trying to save materials because usually that is the most cost effective way.

How is it a win for everyone? 

  • Customer: The customer is back in their home faster without waiting on lengthy reconstruction projects.
  • Insurance Company: The insurance company is happy because the overall claims are lower then they would be with reconstruction services.
  • Restorer: You are in the high profitability services of mitigation and drying.

Next Quick Tip: We will talk about how you can make the transition from drying to mitigation.

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