Tips To Increase Training Retention


Your Techs Memory Isn’t As Good As You Think…


Studies suggest that within an hour of learning new information, people will forget approximately 50% of it. After 24 hours, that goes up to 70%. When training your staff, this could be quite detrimental to your company. This could mean increased liability and decreasing profitablity. 


So how can you increase information retention and improve profitability within your company?



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Spaced Learning 


This is a learning methodology where learners are given bite-sized chunks of content and are then presented with situations that require the learned information to repeatedly be used in different, creative situations. This reinforces what has been learned and increases information retention.


Create a Learning Culture


Create a learning environment by running frequent training events. Doing so will help reinforce training and increase the amount of knowledge that is retained. Everyone in the company should know when and where the training is happening. Consistency is key. If your crew is surprised that you’re conducting a company meeting, that may be a problem. If you haven’t created this culture up to this point, now is the perfect time to start! It’s never too late.


Make It Relevant


The human brain is selective as to what information it retains. That’s why, when training your team, help them to understand why the information is relevant. Understanding the relevance and value of what they are learning will help increase information retention. Management should be observing teachable moments and using that in company meetings. It’s not always necessary to call someone out, but select topics you know that your crew needs to work on.


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Are There Solutions?


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Written By: Mae Fox

Mae has worked in the restoration industry for many years now. She started in accounting and HR. She now works with marketing for Reets Drying Academy and is absolutely rocking it! Mae takes care of our blogging, works with our video department and is in in charge of the email, social media and other message campaigns. 


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