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Tips To Increase Training Retention

Tips To Increasing Training Retention

      Studies suggest that within an hour of learning new information, people will forget approximately 50% of it. After 24 hours, that goes up to 70%.
      When training your staff, this could be quite detrimental to your company. So how can you increase information retention and improve profitability within your company?

  1. Spaced Learning:  This is a learning methodology where learners are given bite-sized chunks of content and are then presented with situations that require the learned information to repeatedly be used in different, creative situations. This reinforces what has been learned and increases information retention.
  2. Create a Learning Culture: Create a learning environment by running frequent training events. Doing so will help reinforce training and increase the amount of knowledge that is retained.
  3. Make It Relevant: The human brain is selective as to what information it retains. That’s why, when training your team, help them to understand why the information is relevant. Understanding the relevance and value of what they are learning will help increase information retention.

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